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High Protein.
Delicious Taste!

Discover our lineup of delectably unsweetened plant-based beverages!
Promising great taste and creamy texture, all packed with a punch of 8 g of protein per serving.
Made in Canada, our creations offer a harmonious blend of nature’s goodness and delicious ingredients!

of Pea Protein

Plant-Based Beverages

Prepared in Canada

Sip, Smile, Enjoy!


Experience the creamy dreaminess of Canadian-grown oats, so rich and packed with nutrients, they’re oat-standing!
Let the wholesome goodness of oats transport you to a world of creamy indulgence where you can add the perfect hint of natural sweetness and 8 g of protein to your coffees, teas and treats.
All our Oat products are gluten-free !


Delight in the rich and unique flavour of hazelnuts blended to perfection with 8 g of protein.
Embrace the creamy satisfying experience of our one-of-a-kind hazelnut blends.
You’ll go hazel-nuts for how wonderfully they pair with your favourite beverages and culinary creations.


Immerse yourself in the rich and smooth essence of almonds that bring a smile to every sip.
Indulge in the creamy delight of nature’s bounty, offering a nutritious twist to your morning rituals and late-night cravings with 8 g of protein.

We are proud to do more for our Planet.

At Enjoy!, we’re committed to making a positive impact on the world, without compromising on taste.

We walk the talk!

Certified delicious!

Prepared in Canada!

Master the Art of
Foam, at Home.

Elevate your coffee game with Enjoy!
Incredible foaming turns ordinary drinks into extraordinary delights!

Discover our recipes and
taste the joy!​

Iced Coffee with Maple Mousse

Enjoy this simple and gourmet iced coffee version with a creamy maple mousse. Happiness in a drink! It's sensational, delicious and lightly sweetened. We promise that it'll satisfy your iced coffee cravings all summer long!

5 min

Enjoy!All day long!