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Enjoy! The taste of no compromise 8g of protein, delicious taste!

Enjoy!, where happiness is found at every tasty turn. Offering nutritious options that never compromise on taste is our mission! We believe in living life to the fullest while staying mindful of our impact on the community and the environment through our work with 1% for the planet.
Join us on a delicious, nutritious journey of flavour exploration and let’s make every moment one to Enjoy!

Raising the bar with Enjoy! ​

  • Enjoy a good source of protein!

    Start your day with our protein-packed beverages while delighting your taste buds. Enjoy!

  • Proudly Crafted in Canada.​

    Experience true Canadian craftsmanship with Enjoy!—where each sip reflects the dedication to quality that comes with our commitment to excellence. ​

  • Taste the Joy.​

    Indulge in the creamy goodness and irresistible flavour of Enjoy! Our beverages are carefully crafted to tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more.​

  • Master the Art of Foam at Home. ​

    Elevate your coffee game with Enjoy!—where incredible foaming turns ordinary drinks into extraordinary delights.​

Why Enjoy!?

Dive into the Enjoy! experience and discover why we think we are the best of the best.

A harmonious blend of taste, nutrition, and sustainability, our lineup of plant-based beverages stands out from the crowd. What’s our secret?
​Our commitment to quality and excellence!
​Every one of our creations is made with love in Canada and delivers a hearty 8 grams of plant-powered protein per serving.
​Our creamy texture, great taste, and amazing foaming make Enjoy! the perfect co-pilot in the kitchen, ready to elevate your drinks, treats, and other creations to new heights!​

Enjoy! in action

Supporting the environment is at the heart of everything we do at Enjoy! We believe in the synergy of sustainable initiatives and great taste, without compromising on quality.

We’re proud to partner with not-for-profit organizations such as 1% For the Planet and Tree Canada to support initiatives that concretely protect and preserve our planet.
Our dedication extends to our recyclable packaging certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), as well as a commitment to crafting locally here in Canada.
With a suite of certifications including non-GMO, Halal, and Kosher we ensure that our beverages can be enjoyed, regardless of your preferences and restrictions.

All about our
plant-based products

  • Yes! Each of our cartons features the How2Recycle label which provides consumers with consistent and transparent on-pack disposal information. The label includes special instructions to effectively recycle our cartons in three easy steps: (1) Empty the carton of any remaining beverage. (2) Replace the cap on the carton. (3) Recycle the carton according to your local regulations, giving it a new life to Enjoy! Recycling accessibility and disposal instructions depend on your local regulations. For more information on the How2Recycle label, visit Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Enjoy! believes healthy forests mean a healthy future for us all. That’s why our paper-based packaging is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). SFI works to keep forests healthy and communities thriving. With this certification, Enjoy! demonstrates our commitment to sustainability while investing in well-managed forests, conservation research, community engagement and environmental education. That means by choosing Enjoy!, you’re supporting the health of North American forests and we want to thank you! Together, we can all make better choices for forests and communities. Learn more about our sustainability initiatives HERE.
  • 1% for the Planet® is a global movement dedicated to environmental stewardship. At Enjoy!, we are proud members of 1% for the Planet and as part of their network, we commit to donating at least 1% of our annual sales to environmental organizations. This is one of Enjoy!’s many investments in the future of our planet and ethical business practices. In supporting Enjoy!, you’re contributing to the many sustainability initiatives we stand behind such as Tree Canada, various food banks and important volunteer work. With all of our donations certified by 1% for the Planet®, we’re turning enjoyment into environmental action, one delicious sip at a time. Learn more about how we give back 1% to the Planet HERE.
  • The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization committed to building and preserving the non-GMO food supply for all. As the only organization providing independent, third-party verification and non-GMO guidance for products in North America, they offer rigorous product verification and trustworthy education that empowers people to care for themselves, the planet and future generations. Like the Non-GMO Project, at Enjoy! we believe everyone has the right to know what’s in their food, and our commitment to non-GMO ingredients ensures a delicious beverage you can enjoy. To learn more, check out
  • Yes! All our products are in compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard as our protocols and ingredients undergo a thorough third-party review. Due to the meticulous nature of this process and the time required to update our packaging, you may find some products without the butterfly seal. However, our products are all certified by the Non-GMO Project and we look forward to our cartons all bearing the seal. Keep your eyes peeled as our Oat Original and Oat Vanilla gear up to proudly display the Non-GMO Project butterfly seal in the coming months! Stay tuned for more delicious goodness to Enjoy!
  • Yes! Our company is based in Toronto, Ontario. Plus, all our products are made in Sudbury, Ontario where we converted one of our former dairy plants into a facility where we only produce plant-based products.
  • Here in Canada! We’re proud to say all our products are made in Sudbury, Ontario where we converted one of our former dairy plants into a facility dedicated to our plant-based production. As demand for plant-based beverages grows in Canada we believe crafting our beverages locally is more important than ever. That’s why we strive to deliver a high-quality product Canadians can all trust, made right here in Canada. Psst—did you know our operations are also based in Canada’s largest city, the cosmopolitan Toronto, Ontario?
  • We’re proud to say our oats are homegrown here in Canada.
  • Our almonds are from California, USA.
  • We source hazelnuts from Italy.
  • Our plant-based beverages must stay refrigerated at all times. If kept chilled, unopened beverages will stay fresh until the date printed on our packaging. After opening, enjoy within 7 to 10 days and keep closed at all times whenever not in use to savour peak flavour.
  • We’re all about spreading joy and wellness, and that includes ensuring you get all the essential nutrients you need to thrive! By fortifying our beverages with vitamins & minerals, we’re making sure every sip is packed with goodness. Plus, we’ve gone the extra mile by adding plant protein to give you an added boost of nourishment. So, sip away and enjoy the deliciousness, knowing you’re fuelling your body!
  • We’re all about packing a punch of goodness into every sip! That’s why our beverages boast a hearty 8 grams of plant-powered protein per serving. Because we believe there should be no compromise when it comes to providing you with to tackle your day. So go ahead and Enjoy!
  • We’ve chosen peas as our protein source for their mild flavour and versatility in the kitchen. Every one of our creations delivers a hearty 8 grams of plant-powered protein per serving. Plus, since peas are not derived from the ten major food allergens, you can sip and savour without worry. Enjoy!
  • Yes! All of our products are naturally dairy-free and our facility is entirely dedicated to plant-based production.
  • Yes! Enjoy! ’s nut-based beverages are all naturally gluten-free. That means Almond Original, Almond Vanilla and Hazelnut Original are all great for anyone who cannot have gluten. Our oat-based beverages: Oat Original, Oat Vanilla and the Hazelnut Oat Blend are also made with homegrown Canadian oats and gluten free selected.

  • Yes! Our products are all certified Halal by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of Canada (IFANCC). As Canada’s leading Halal certifying organization IFANCC offers Halal supervision and certification services in Canada. To learn more about our Halal certification, visit
  • Yes! Our products are all certified kosher by the Kashruth Council of Canada (COR). The COR is the largest kosher certification agency in Canada, certifying products across the country and around the globe. Although our facility is entirely dedicated to plant-based production and all our products are naturally dairy-free, it was important for us to be certified kosher because our facility was formerly one of our parent company’s dairy plants. This in no way indicates the presence of dairy components in the products simply that our products may have been processed on equipment that was used for dairy in the past. We’re proud to say our facility in Sudbury is now dedicated to plant-based production and our products are classified as Pareve which means they contain no meat or dairy. The COR certification assures you are buying the highest quality kosher products. The meticulous certification process is concluded with a confidential audit of the production facility by the COR’s team of rabbinic inspectors who are experts in the intricacies of modern food production as well as the specifics of Jewish law. To learn more about our kosher certification, visit
  • Although we have a strict allergen control program in place to ensure there is no cross-contamination, some of our products are produced on shared equipment. While there is no soy in any of our recipes and no nuts in our Oat Original and Oat Vanilla beverages, we have taken the precaution of labelling our products “may contain nuts and soy” just in case.
  • Carrageenan is a naturally occurring substance extracted from seaweed. Although it is commonly used as a thickening and stabilizing agent in various food products, Enjoy! products are free from carrageenan.
  • Here’s the scoop! While all Enjoy! products are unsweetened, our Oat beverages may have a naturally sweet taste. Here’s why: oats naturally contain carbohydrates, which include some sugars. In order to achieve the creamy texture you know and enjoy, we use natural enzymes to process whole oats. Through this process, the natural carbohydrates in the oats are broken down into smaller chain carbohydrates, which can lend a hint of sweetness. Rest assured, there’s no added sugar—just pure, wholesome goodness in every sip!
  • To make our Original Oat and Vanilla Oat beverages we start out by soaking and blending homegrown Canadian oats with water. To enhance the nutritional value and ensure the creamiest result, a small amount of oil is mixed in. The final product is then strained and mixed with thickening agents such as gellan and acacia gum, which lend a luscious texture to the drink.
  • Our nut-based beverages are made by blending almonds or hazelnuts from whole nuts, nut pastes or nut powders (or flours) with thickening agents such as gellan and acacia gum, which lend a luscious texture to the drink.